They were thousand of miles apart,

Still ogling her melodic voice reach out through his cellphone to him;

Relief?! would it be the right word?

Yeah! It was indeed.

It succored him from the brutalizing world for that alluring moment

It gave him the relief of ADAM meeting her EVE at the lucrative Eden Gardens


Her voice was the solution to all his problem.

He always kept on mumbling around his own thougts

“Is she the one?”

“NO” yelled his afraid soul.


Afraid of all the pain the messenger of misery would gift him!

Afraid of all the anxiety.

Afraid of hurting her heart in the mere future.



. (To Be Continued..)

P.S – I would really love to hear from you guys.

Please Comment about what you felt.

Do let me know how could i improve this section more.

Thank you for reading this 🙂








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