I could hear the water singing,

I could hear the birds chirping

This was the place where the world was defined,

This would’ve been the place where Adam and Eve lied .

The waters reflecting sunshine to my eyes,



I can’t stop ogling the lovely skies,

Here with a buddy,(Not a human)

In all the track that’s just muddy

Spotting a soothing place to write,

Away from all the ears,

Away from all the chaos,

Away from the miseries ,

Away from the messenger of misery.


Right next to the water I sit,

Thinking about all the things I’ve shit.

This buddy next to me

Blinking it’s eyes every time I see.

Ogling the world around,

Introspecting everything that our mind surrounds.

Lovely people with all their lovely lies,

Are away from these ecstatic eyes.


With wind howling in my ears,

Where was i all this time in a year ?

The Peace I’ve got here

Could have I got this anywhere?


With all the lovely creatures,

I sit between them .


Is it just dreaming?

Or I feel posessed in this feeling!


With a day in peace

And a moment to seize.

                                                -Gaurang Nanda




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